Sunset on the Moose.
Sunset on the Moose.

the only constant is change

Over the last few years, I have found myself attempting to actively blog without much success. I must admit, when not traveling or exploring the outdoors, I stare at a screen for nearly 9 hours a day, 4 to 5 days a week – and that is just for work. Screens can be exhausting. Typing can be painful. But change, as it goes, is coming.

I have kept a written journal for as long as I can remember: My family encouraged writing down my thoughts, my college studies supported it, and so it became a lifelong activity for me – not really a “well, I guess I need to write ‘this’ or ‘that’ down”, but more an instinct. Memories fade…words and images remind us of our experiences when our minds are too full or busy. These same words and images flash me back to chapters and moments of my life, the way the smell of dry leaves brings up childhood memories of leave hopping with my siblings. While they hold deeper, personal meaning – they also share my life with those that are not able to experience it with me.

This is the very reason I have decided to re-engage with this whole blogging experience: I want to stay connected to family and friends in as many ways possible as I move across the country.

So, as I kick my feet up during a gray middle-PA lunch break, I invite you to see the world through my lens. Stop by and stay a while, or just check in when your Instagram or Facebook pages are neglecting your needs – hopefully the words and images shared on here will give at least a quick glimpse of the way I enjoy living life (and even more so, inspire you to get outside, too).


rambling across the mountains of colorado seeking adventure and inspiration…