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go explore

Explore more, y’all.

It’s Friday and we’re still…waiting…

But what matters is still the fact that it’s Friday. So, as we wait, we will continue to explore. The park down the street, the creek in the hills, the wild places that call to us – and maybe maybe will arrive sooner, rather than later. Maybe.

Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-17Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-15Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-16Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-8Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-10Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-4


If you follow me on Instagram or this here bloggy thing, you likely know I’m proud to be a (self-proclaimed) mountain mama.

Playing outside and exposing my wild child to the places I love (rivers, mountains, canyons…) makes the smiles happen – even when he’s melting down or asking for another snack or filling up another diaper or…you get the picture.

Well, this mountain mama is awaiting another wild child – this time, a baby girl. I’m 40 weeks and 1 day into this journey and the whole pack is ready for this little one to present herself to the outside world. But, until then, we wait. We wait (im)patiently

And while we wait, we keep playing.

To those soon-to-be or long-time mamas of the world: I hope you, too, keep playing and keep getting out there. It’s SO important to get out and breathe the fresh air, soak up the mid-day sun or whatever it is you love to do outside.

thank you

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity!! My personal maternity shoot, a neighbor’s wedding, a family portrait session for friends across the valley and a senior portrait session for a local student. The fun felt never- ending and I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to the clients that believe in my work and book me for their important life moments.

Thank you to my friends for taking time to share moments with me (and my family) and allow me to capture moments for them.

Thank you to the sisters, mothers, fathers, brothers, partners…the list goes on…for supporting your sons and daughters and allowing me to capture their lovely spirit and wonderful energy for their friends and fellow students to remember them years down the road.

And thank you to my patient husband and wild child as I set yet another self-timer, request yet another cheesy smile, and drag them all around the valley for yet another photo.

These moments are truly priceless ❤️

Gear Review: Galaxy 1.0

This is a gear review for Bass Fishing Media…read more at!

The Galaxy 1.0 – ONE pillow to rule them all?

That’s right, I typed “pillow”. And I know what you’re thinking – what does a “pillow” have to do with fishing? I get it…but let’s talk about this for a moment.

When I talk fly fishing “gear”, it’s often rods, reels, technical apparel, packs…you get the picture. But, think about it: Before we can get out and enjoy a day on the water, what’s the number number thing that has to happen? No, not a hot cup of coffee (though, that is important). Sleep. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, chasing trout before and after the daily 9-5 grind, a performance athlete, professional angler, fishing guide, or something in between, a good night’s rest is critical to a good day on the water.

Cue: BEDGEAR – temperature-regulating bedding designed for your sleep style.


I spent the last few weeks swapping out my run-of-the-mill, bargain bin pillow for the Galaxy 1.0 Performance Pillow. At first, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into. Since college, when it came to buying pillows, I set my sights on the least expensive, “non crepe” (as I affectionately call terribly-thin pillows) pillow I could find at the closest Big Box Store. And, what’s worse, in those 10+ years, I’ve probably purchased a half dozen pillows and carried along another half dozen hand-me-down/who-knows-how-old-or-how-drool-covered varieties from family. Needless to say, I’ve learned a valuable lesson: Pillows matter.

To start, the specs/materials and build are really impressive:

  • Ver-Tex® cooltouch fabric provides continuous heat deflection to limit hot spots and provide better temperature regulation
  • Air-X® ventilated panels & filter fabric to ens
    ure no funky allergens or dander build up on your sleep surface
  • Boost® foam inner material give sleepers pressure relief that won’t bottom out while providing soft support with no rebound

How about performance?

As a person who loves naps and lives by an early-to-bed, early-to-rise mantra, sleep is ranks pretty high in my “favorites” category. Let’s talk about some “pros”, shall we?

  • This pillow stays cool and comfortable all night – the technical “cooltouch” fabric performs flawlessly. I’m the kind of gall that tends to search for cool spots in the bed when I wake slightly in the night. Thanks to this great fabric, the search is non-existent in the pillow department.
  • It holds my head just right whether I’m sleeping on my side or my back. I am a mover and a shaker – in and out of bed, apparently – and tend to wake up with pillows scattered randomly around me. This means I find myself clawing to get one of them back in place, but with the Galaxy 1.0, my head stays where it should and is comfortable through morning.
  • It is surprisingly heavy, which I like. I never thought about weight in a pillow before, but I think, thanks to its density and weight, it stays where I set it all night long (which means when I fidget – which I do a lot of – I’m not chasing my pillow around the bed). I also like the weight because it feels more substantial than the bargain pillows I am accustomed to.


But are there any down sides to such a tech-heavy pillow?


Functionally, in my opinion, no. The Galaxy is comfortable, made of some really high quality materials, and seems like it is going to be my go-to for the foreseeable future (get gone, bargain pillows!).

The only “con” you might consider is the price tag. If you’re used to the ten dollar special, shelling out a couple hundred bucks might be tough to swallow. But, with that said, depending on your pillow purchasing consumer practices, it might make sense. For instance, if you’re buying a cheap run-of-the-mill pillow every few months, that adds up. Spend once, and you’ve got yourself the pillow dreams are made of from the get-go.


The Verdict

Make the investment and pamper yourself – if not for your body and mind, for the fish that you’re chasing tomorrow 😉


Making time to get out and explore isn’t necessarily something we (my family) think about, it’s just…kind of…what we do.

We make spending time outside a priority almost unintentionally. It’s just…a part of who we are.

Whether it’s a quick bike ride after work or a walk along the river trail or up the local hill, fresh air ramblings are an important feature of our weekly lives. But when the season transitions come into play, it’s that much more important for us to get out – to experience this transition time, celebrate the season that is ending and embrace the new one we’re entering into…

I hope this is a time you and your family can indulge in, too. Get outside, explore, and enjoy these cool mornings/evenings and sun-warmed afternoons!

Morning in camp
Tent time
Always be prepared
Morning coffee