first tracks

Yesterday, I had a SUPER proud mama moment: Forest made his first real ski tracks at the local hill!

“Firsts” are big things, right? First kick, first full night of sleep, first real food, first word, first step, first…ya, the list can go on. Well, first tracks are also something we celebrate in our family.

See, I didn’t get on a snowboard until I was in middle school; and my first time on skis wasn’t until I was out of college and in my late 20s! So, the fact that my son is skiing with the big(ger) kids at the local hill AND has his own season pass before he even turns 3 is incredibly exciting! And for that, I’m pretty proud (and grateful we even have this opportunity in our lives).

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Photo by Steph T ❤️
Photo by Steph T
Photo by Steph T
Photo by Sam Scavo
SO Stoked!
“Check out our boots, Mom!”
100% stud.

Yesterday, I also had my own “first” – first tracks of the season!! And what a day to kick off the ski season…powder, powder everywhere, and so many turns to make!

The last turns I made at Wolf Creek were in alpine/downhill gear – worst choice…ever. I hiked the knife ridge with a friend last season while a couple months pregnant and regretted every moment of it. My shins were destroyed, my moral was busted, and my then-pregnant self was exhausted.

I have been telemark skiing for 3 years now, thanks to my husband. And, although my turns aren’t beautiful, it’s all I know when it comes to this two-plant life. But, last year, a mountain staffer convinced me that I would have a good time on alpine gear. Nope.

Anyway – Sunday’s runs were nothing short of redemption!

I’m ready for a new season, more snow, and more solo and family winter adventuring! How about you?!


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