There are so many reasons to be thankful for this season: a new baby girl in our lives, snow storms stacking up in the hills, big bro getting prepped for ski season, pooches stoked to run more trails in the valley, so on and so on and so on…

We are so very lucky to live in a place with SO MUCH public land to access. We ride bikes, we fish diverse waterways, we adorns tele gear to bathe in powder…and for that, I am thankful.

My family – the whole lot of us (kids, pooches and wild husband) are also lucky to have each other. With extended family over 2,000 miles away, this core unit of ours is pretty special. I’m a self-proclaimed mountain mama – y’all know that if you follow my Instagram. So when you come to this blog you see things like gear reviews and features (with wild children in the midst of photosets), LOTS of family adventures and a few solo ramblings. We don’t strive for perfection, we simply seek fulfillment and to lead healthy lives…

And today, I just want to say thanks for following along; for baring with my 6-week post-pregnancy hiatus, and for just being you.

Now, as any mama would do: I’m going to take a hot shower and prepare myself for another cluster feeding nursing session…while listening to holiday vinyl, because, well, it’s that season, too!

Tight lines, powder turns, and buttery rock drops, y’all.

Here are some of my most recent views – that I am OH so thankful for…it’s a big photo dump, but it’s been really fun!


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