Gear Review: Galaxy 1.0

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The Galaxy 1.0 – ONE pillow to rule them all?

That’s right, I typed “pillow”. And I know what you’re thinking – what does a “pillow” have to do with fishing? I get it…but let’s talk about this for a moment.

When I talk fly fishing “gear”, it’s often rods, reels, technical apparel, packs…you get the picture. But, think about it: Before we can get out and enjoy a day on the water, what’s the number number thing that has to happen? No, not a hot cup of coffee (though, that is important). Sleep. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, chasing trout before and after the daily 9-5 grind, a performance athlete, professional angler, fishing guide, or something in between, a good night’s rest is critical to a good day on the water.

Cue: BEDGEAR – temperature-regulating bedding designed for your sleep style.


I spent the last few weeks swapping out my run-of-the-mill, bargain bin pillow for the Galaxy 1.0 Performance Pillow. At first, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into. Since college, when it came to buying pillows, I set my sights on the least expensive, “non crepe” (as I affectionately call terribly-thin pillows) pillow I could find at the closest Big Box Store. And, what’s worse, in those 10+ years, I’ve probably purchased a half dozen pillows and carried along another half dozen hand-me-down/who-knows-how-old-or-how-drool-covered varieties from family. Needless to say, I’ve learned a valuable lesson: Pillows matter.

To start, the specs/materials and build are really impressive:

  • Ver-Tex® cooltouch fabric provides continuous heat deflection to limit hot spots and provide better temperature regulation
  • Air-X® ventilated panels & filter fabric to ens
    ure no funky allergens or dander build up on your sleep surface
  • Boost® foam inner material give sleepers pressure relief that won’t bottom out while providing soft support with no rebound

How about performance?

As a person who loves naps and lives by an early-to-bed, early-to-rise mantra, sleep is ranks pretty high in my “favorites” category. Let’s talk about some “pros”, shall we?

  • This pillow stays cool and comfortable all night – the technical “cooltouch” fabric performs flawlessly. I’m the kind of gall that tends to search for cool spots in the bed when I wake slightly in the night. Thanks to this great fabric, the search is non-existent in the pillow department.
  • It holds my head just right whether I’m sleeping on my side or my back. I am a mover and a shaker – in and out of bed, apparently – and tend to wake up with pillows scattered randomly around me. This means I find myself clawing to get one of them back in place, but with the Galaxy 1.0, my head stays where it should and is comfortable through morning.
  • It is surprisingly heavy, which I like. I never thought about weight in a pillow before, but I think, thanks to its density and weight, it stays where I set it all night long (which means when I fidget – which I do a lot of – I’m not chasing my pillow around the bed). I also like the weight because it feels more substantial than the bargain pillows I am accustomed to.


But are there any down sides to such a tech-heavy pillow?


Functionally, in my opinion, no. The Galaxy is comfortable, made of some really high quality materials, and seems like it is going to be my go-to for the foreseeable future (get gone, bargain pillows!).

The only “con” you might consider is the price tag. If you’re used to the ten dollar special, shelling out a couple hundred bucks might be tough to swallow. But, with that said, depending on your pillow purchasing consumer practices, it might make sense. For instance, if you’re buying a cheap run-of-the-mill pillow every few months, that adds up. Spend once, and you’ve got yourself the pillow dreams are made of from the get-go.


The Verdict

Make the investment and pamper yourself – if not for your body and mind, for the fish that you’re chasing tomorrow 😉


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