the condition of being spontaneous; spontaneous behavior or action; voluntary or undetermined action or movement
I have always believed that “adventures” don’t have to be epic journeys across land or water in search of life’s meaning or one’s self. Rather, “adventure” (to me, anyway) is more along the lines of embarking on something without any real intended end goal (think, rambling, perhaps) other than “just to go” or have fun, or maybe indulging in “play” for the sake of being outdoors and letting the moment take you where it may. Maybe I’ll hone my definition some day…
Spontaneous adventuring is something we do often and one of the characteristics I have always appreciated about my husband – even before he was my husband. A willingness to not over plan (but still be prepared for nearly anything) and just embrace time and events that come with whatever we may be doing in a given day, or weekend, or evening/morning/name your timeframe.
With a 2 year old and another wild child on the way, spontaneous adventuring is often our way of life. Yes, we plan different activities like camping trips, bike fishing days, and other things, but when it’s 6PM on a Tuesday night and we all need to burn off a little energy after a not-so-inspiring work or school day, we just go.
Just “going” comes easy for me and I am pretty sure it alway has – I attribute it to my inner gypsy – and I certainly hope it always does. So, now, with 8 weeks left until we meet the newest addition to our family and a lot of summer and fall transition time in between, I’m ready. I’m ready to keep going, to not slow down (too much) and to indulge in spontaneity whenever it presents itself.
Are you?

One thought on “spontaneity”

  1. Congratulations on the impending arrival! I think I asked a question a while back about camping with your first child, as my eldest is about the same age. Our second arrived between Xmas and New Year so I’ll just say – welcome to life with two!


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