winding down

Transition seasons. I absolutely LOVE transition seasons.

I am intentional with most decisions in my life. I like to have a plan (but still be spontaneous at times) and for that (and maybe a few other reasons), my husband often calls me “Type A”. I’ll take it as a compliment (most of the time) because I think it means I’m intentional and determined…while not being a total stick-in-the-mud lame-o. That’s right, I used both of those words/phrases.

What does this have to do with transition seasons? A lot, oddly. There is something so magical about the shoulder of time between summer and winter – and winter and spring, for that matter. While I love wading the cooler river water in the hot summer sun and skiing the amazing powder of winter, fall is a time for me to gather, plan, maybe nest a bit and indulge in the transition from constant new life and growth of the summer to more of a hibernation, calm state of the colder months to come.

I am intentional in this process – I planned my wedding around this season, I am deliberate with finding landscapes and opportunities to photograph new people and places during this season (because who doesn’t love fall colors!?), and I tend to reorganize and restock the pantry and freezers (wild game, frozen garden goods, etc).

As we embrace cooler weather and a new season, I hope you, too, are both intentional and spontaneous as the days get shorter, the sun gets lower, and summer comes to an end and the fall season gets into full swing!


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