Travel, they said…

Occasionally, my jobs require me to travel. Sometimes for weddings, other times for assignments, and even others for meetings and project facilitation work. But, since having my son, travel slowed down a bit.

Prior to my first pregnancy and his birth, it wasn’t uncommon for me to be gone 1 to 2 weeks a month, leaving that sweet and understanding husband of mine to watch over the farm or chickens or dogs or what/whoever else we had going on. Don’t get me wrong – he came with me when it was so enticing that he couldn’t say no (like our 2.5 week stint in the islands when I had to work in a windowless room while he fished the lazy day away) but that was rare.

And when Forest was born, he came on DC travels until this one. Babies under 2 are considered a “lap child” and ride for free, but free doesn’t make it easy!

Well, with an older toddler, so goes the excuse that I “can’t travel” because of x, y, z (i.e., nursing, need to be home to care for a baby, pregnancy recovery, etc.). So, for the past few months, I’ve traveled a bit here and there. Mostly local, in-state overnights to Denver with occasional random travel down south and to DC.

But this past week, I had another meeting in DC, so I took advantage of the opportunity to piggy back on a work trip and celebrate my big sis on her birthday- for the first time, like, EVER.

So we went big: SUP’ing, shopping, hanging with our dad and beach lounging! What a great way to spend a surprisingly beautiful couple of days back east.

When we parted ways, I felt more grateful than ever to have my sister.

Now, I sit in the airport and wait. My day started at 3am and it won’t end until after dark, thanks to delays, cancellations and missed flights. But, at least I can reminisce, right?

Traveling can be fun. It can be challenging, too. But the fact that I’m blessed enough to have the opportunity to DO it – now, That, is what I need to keep reminding myself of so I don’t lose my mind on tough return trips like today’s.


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