Gear Review: Astral Brewess 2.0

Your feet will thank you.

Astral released the Brewess 2.0 this year for women who love the water. This incredibly light shoe features super-sticky G® Rubber outsole, an incredibly comfortable midsole, and really does take a “common sneaker” to a “new level of performance and versatility”. As a dedicated sandal wearer, I was getting frustrated with constantly knocking my toes off rocks and roots and destroying my heels. I still love my sandals, but I needed something more. Cue the Brewess 2.0.  

Pros – What we love:

Fit: The Brewess 2.0 runs true. To. size. Seriously gals, my size 9 foot actually fits in a size 9 shoe (yes, this is rare). So no need to think about whether to size up or down, these are spot on. And the comfort level is unreal – 5 out of 5 stars, for sure. I can wear these shoes all day – dry or wet – without any discomfort, blisters, or funk stench by the time the sun goes down.  

Durability/Performance: Two months of SUP playing, wet-wade fishing and rambling around town and trails and the Brewess 2.0 isn’t slowing down. The Colorado sun, mud and dry climate tend to wreak havoc on shoes and apparel, but performance has not faltered with this shoe. My favorite part: the sticky rubber sole performs flawlessly on my SUP and while wading slick rocks in the river; all while the inner footbed keeps me cozy all day.

Cons – Room for Improvement

I couldn’t find any major deal breakers, but I will say: the Brewess 2.0 is not a sandal. If you’re use to lots of airflow, be prepared for a full-wrap shoe. Yes, it’s light. Yes, it’s breathable and has good ventilation. But, it’s also a sneaker style shoe, so set your expectations appropriately. That said, I used this shoe with and without socks. On dry hikes/days, I wore a sock and found it to be even more comfortable than without a sock (personal note: I tend to run really hot in the foot department. By wearing a sock, I was able to wick moisture really well and stay consistently comfortable).

MSRP: $110

Where you can get ‘em: Astral’s Official Website

The Verdict

Like the first line of this review said: “Your feet WILL thank you”. If you – or your lady friend – are looking for a lightweight, solid performance water shoe, this may just be THE one!


Photo (by Sam Scavo): The Brewess 2.0 in action.

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