I love a good day on skis – well, quite honestly, I love any day outside, regardless of the apparatus underfoot, but in mid-January, it’s often skis and yesterday was no exception…

If you’ve been breathing since November of last year, you know that the West is experiencing a crazy winter full of poor snowpack from limited storms, unseasonably warm temperatures and blazing sunshine. Thankfully, all of that changed this past weekend with 23 inches of fresh snow falling at Wolf Creek Ski Area in about 24 hours.

While that husband of mine got himself together for a morning skin outside the resort area, I was on kid patrol until noon. With the government shutdown in go-mode, I figured catching some pow turns the day before I received official furlough notice would brighten my spirits. I was right.

In the end, I’m grateful to the snow gods, happy I have a freelance option when it comes to work, and planning to spend today dreaming of those fat powder turns yesterday brought us.

Keep doing your snow dances everyone, days like this shouldn’t be so few and far between.


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