Hey, YOU!

Yes, you: the bride & groom-to-be, the marketing manager, the family cheerleader, the… – I’m reaching out to YOU.

I’ve been photographing weddings, senior and family portraits, special events, and outdoor adventures, and providing marketing material for companies for a while now – consistently for a little less than 5 years. Before that, it was occasional “official” shoots, but a lot of time behind a camera for myself.

Now, with a new year quickly approaching, I’d like to take it to a new level. New assignments, new locations, and new challenges.

I would absolutely Love to be your photographer.

I want to capture your moment and help document and share your story. The wild ride that is your wedding day or special event, or maybe the new product you want showcased to reach audiences. Maybe it’s the pinnacle of your high school time and you need senior photos, or the annual family photo. Whatever your needs, I want to be the gal you call to get the shot.

On my day-to-day, I work for a great agency, but I want to dedicate more time to capturing images – the most memorable moments so that when the memories fade, the photographs are there to brush off the dust and enrich the mental image…the season’s raddest new gear to get everyone stoked to get out and play…and on and on and on.

You see, I never thought I would be the gal that would have the nerve or confidence it takes to have to get “the shot”, but when it happened for the first time, I was hooked – and have been ever since.

The “I do”, the skier hucking off some crazy high cliff, the moment that perfect sun flare hits the season’s newest piece of gear – those are the moments I love!

SO what do you say – you wanna give me a shout?



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