family fat biking

If you follow my blog, you likely know about my fat biking & fly fishing videos earlier this summer…well, due to some unforeseen injuries and travel, we didn’t publish quite as many as I was hoping. Not to fear though, with fall upon us and winter knocking on the door (and my husband FINALLY recovered from his riding injury) we’ve got some ideas in the works!

I hit the river late last week after my mom headed back east in hopes of landing a birthday trout. It was slow, but it felt good to be on the water. But, mid-way into my forth or so stop along the Rio, the wind picked up. And by picked up, I mean it ripped down the river corridor and tangled my tandem rig in ways I’ve never seen – and I’ve seen some serious tangles! I packed up and headed home, promising myself I’d get back on the water once the wind subsided…

So, Sam and I planned to get out with Forest this weekend to hopefully land some fish, eat some yummy food, and enjoy the forecasted sunshine in the valley. Of course, Saturday morning came around and the wind had yet to letup. So, we ran errands most of the day, drank hot tea in the evening, passed out, and I woke up on Sunday with thoughts of big fall browns on my mind; and wouldn’t you know it –  40mph+ gusts were ripping through the neighborhood.

We had a feeling this was going to happen. So, we decided to skip the fishing and celebrate the fact that there is finally some snow blowing it by packing up the fat bikes and exploring some forest roads we had not been on before…


We pulled off at the Poncha Pass Loop along 285 just below the pass itself. 8000 feet, windy and gorgeous! No fishing up here, but the breeze (which is an understatement) kept us cool on the uphill grind – and Forest was bundled up and loving it, too!

The trail is called the Bonanza Off-Highway Vehicle tour, but we ditched the Jeep and Soob and took it on with 4-inch fatties and a soooooped up Chariot instead!

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.23.32 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.23.40 PM




After Forest passed out for a while, he was ready to get out and stretch his legs, so we headed back down – and BOY! that downhill was soooo nice! That’s Sam indulging in a little woopdywhoooop!





Sometimes, I wonder if we’re crazy for dragging that little nugget along on these haphazard outings we affectionately call “adventures” and then I rethink it. I mean, if we get him addicted to things like skis and bikes and being outside early on, hopefully he won’t have any money (or energy, for that matter) left for less healthy habits. I guess we’ll just keep on keeping on and see where it takes all of us 🙂


Alright everyone, that’s it. No fish, but we did get some mud on our big ol’ fat tires, that’s for sure!

if you like what you see, follow along on my Instagram for more adventures!! And if you’re in the market for a fat bike, consider demo’ing/checking out a Framed option – I was riding the Alaskan Carbon Fat with a Manitou suspension fork and Sam was rocking the Framed Wolftrax Alloy Custom Fat setup. There are pros and cons to both of these rigs and we’re hoping to tweak several things before heading out on our winter fishing and yurt/backcountry lodge trips. If you have any suggestions (or questions), leave a comment below!

Adventure on, y’all…


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