It’s been and will be a whirlwind of a few weeks.

Work travel, photoshoots, toddler chasing, family trips, wedding attendance, cattle dog management, partner time, friend time…2017 is the year of Go.

But between it all, I am SO thankful to pause and take a moment to indulge in myself for more than an hour or two- an act that happens very rarely, I’ll admit. On Sunday, I had the opportunity to take an awesome ride with one of my closest friends I met since moving to CO.

Fat biking, fly fishing, and some real outdoor gal time is both refreshing and rewarding. We got covered in mud (and probably cow poop), caught fish, and drank some yummy beers…

Every woman/mom should have another chick/mama to let it all out with – whether it be one or a whole crew. Here’s to the women who support all of you through bike rides, beer drinking, or just front porch sitting, may all us mamas have a support system to remind us to decompress every now and then.

Before the mud and downhill
Burro Creek Trail, Rio Grande NF
Get a little mud on the…
The sneak attack…
Small, but mighty.
Let her rooooooar!
Keeping it fat.

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