adventure weddings 

Have I mentioned just how much I enjoy helping document a story? Whether our personal journey in this little family of mine or others’ via wedding and family sessions, having the opportunity to capture a moment that can then be shared with generations to come is an amazing thing.

First – thank you to Beau and Jennifer for giving me the opportunity to work with them on a couple of gorgeous days down here in southern Colorado. I don’t think the days could have been any more beautiful! And the love those two have for each other is down right inspiring!

Next – if those of you reading this are engaged, planning to get engaged, or about to have the wedding of your dreams, consider packing up the party and doing something like this…inviting all your loved ones to experience your joy right along side you for a few days before saying “I Do” – it’s just a thought;)

And If you need a photographer along for the wild ride, give me a shout!

Here’s some inspiration, just in case you need a little push…


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