Our Memorial Day Weekend gave us a taste of everything our home has to offer – rain, sunshine & blue skies, snow, wind, and the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises Colorado could offer.

To kick off the summer season – which will be full of festivals, backcountry explorations, overlanding adventures, SUPing,  rafting, fishing and more – we headed into the Rio Grande National Forest.

It was also the weekend I started a new chapter on the YouTube channel – more videos of adventuring!! Until now, I have really focused on gear reviews. But as you’ll see, this new season will bring all of you along for the ride – with gear feature in the mix, of course. So check it out, let me know what you think, and consider subscribing to the channel.

Thanks all!

Adventure on…


3 thoughts on “memorial”

  1. Hi! Enjoyed the video 🙂 Any tips on Forest’s sleeping bag? Our little boy is about 2 weeks younger than him & so far we’ve gone for a thick grobag plus extra blanket layers but I keep eyeing up other possibilities… thanks!

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    1. Forest is a big time snuggle bug, so I sleep with my bag open and both of us sharing it then I use a down blanket (one side soft and fuzzy and the other side is sleeping bag material – from Eddie Bauer) and a wool blanket on top of that (Woolrich makes them, or go with a more economical option like Nederland CO based company Adventure Tool Company’s Wool Camp Blanket – it’s seriously awesome). The hardest thing is that he still nurses at night, so though he’s nice and warm, I get a wee bit chilled at times when I’m uncovered. But that setup works for us. Good luck!!


      1. Thanks for the suggestions! I now have the fun task of working out what’s available & affordable here in the U.K. 😉 Our little one also enjoys cuddling up but I find I get more sleep when he’s not bashing me in the face (or turning through 90 degrees) in the night!

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