explore more 

Adventure Parenting:

ad•ven•ture/verb – engage in exciting activity 

par•ent•ing/verb – raising of a child 

Long before I became a mother, I believed in the pursuit of exciting experiences in both new and familiar places. Whether it was hiking or fishing our home landscapes and waters or venturing to new places in search or new experiences, my desire was always to just “go”. 
Throughout my pregnancy, I maintained that perspective on life – that we are on this earth for a finite (yet unknown) amount of time so we should live this one life that we were given to the Fullest. This meant constantly going, being on the move, needing/wanting/craving constant movement/road trips/ski/hike/fishing outings. Luckily, my husband was (and still is, relatively) on board 🙂

Not surprisingly, when Forest arrived, my goal was to now take him Everywhere; for him to experience the world and land and all it has to offer and (hopefully) be inspired to lead a life of constant learning, seeking, exploring….

Most recently, we ventured to Flagstaff, AZ with stops at Navajo National Monument and Grand Canyon National Park. We went hard. We camped, we hiked, we laughed, we cried, we ate ice cream on the canyon rim and felt the dry desert wind on our faces, and although this trip ended in all of us getting one nasty stomach bug, I still call it an absolute success.

Life throws curveballs. My husband and I agree on a lot of things and disagree on others, so there were ups and there were downs. Forest loves playing in the grass, dirt, sand, and water some days and wants nothing to do with them other days – we all ebb and flow, even the smallest of us. I feel inspired to document adventures at times, yet want to keep some of them more intimate and just for our family other times. 

It is all about balance. And I am slowly learning this and integrating the lesson into every day I walk this earth. 
For now, here are some smiles, curmudgeon moments, and amazing views from my most recent learning experience…enjoy ♡

Headed west.
First campsite at Navajo National Monument
Views from camp.
Next stop: Grand Canyon
The excitement is real!
Family ♡
G is for Grand Canyon
I scream for ice cream
Views for days
Eye candy
Ear to ear, yall
Road to Flagstaff
Gas station views
Lunch break
Overland Expo West 2017
Rooftop tent camping
Quick detour…
Under the weather and sleeping it off on the way home


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