That’s right: Wild Outdoorswoman, Bag Lady, Sass-dishin’ Wife to a stubborn-as-a-mule husband…; I’m a self proclaimed “this”, “that”, and “the other”, and in this ever-growing list, one of my new favorites is Adventure Mama.

My blog has made a strange and interesting transition from wild adventurer sharing personal experiences to wild mountain mama and outdoorswoman trying to share our family’s experiences with the hope of inspiring others to take their two and four-legged family members into wild places. And I’m okay with that…

With that in mind, as I planned for our annual ski trip, I realized I want to do MORE. Do more with family. Do more with friends. AND! Share more through words and photographs on this blog and in other places…

So, I’m excited to let you all know that in addition to planning more (weekly) blog posts here, I’ll have some new posts on a great site called Coalition Snow, I’ll be a guest blogger on Mountainsmith, and I’m sharing even more on Outdoor Womens Alliance!

And, with this transition, I want to say that I hope you keep following this blog and enjoy the content I plan to share. I hope that some of the upcoming posts are useful and informative and maybe they’ll even inspire you to get outside or really think about what defines you and your “identity”. Wherever we are in our lives, identity is important and can only be defined by the individual.

For me, being an Adventure Mama, Mountain Mama, or “mom” doesn’t 100% define who I am, but it definitely contributes to what makes me “me”. I have had a lot of conversations with other women – single, married, with and without children – and these interactions tend to bring up “identity”. I feel as though my identity is rooted in more than titles and names. Sure, I’m a woman (with a “boys name”), I’m a wife and mom, I’m an employee for a great agency, I’m a cyclist, skier, photographer, writer…blah blah blah. But I’m also an activist, a do-er, an adventurer, a passionate being! And all of this makes up who I am. And who I am comes out in what I photograph and write.

With all of this in mind (along with my 2017 pursuit to share and do more), I am Stoked to write for Coalition Snow because regardless of age, experience, or title (“mom”, “wife”, “girlfriend”, “woman”), we are all part of the #SisterhoodOfShred and I LOVE that!! And I’m excited to continue contributing to OWA because, as a woman, I love sharing photo essays and reviews with other women to help them get outside more!

Phew…so much to think about and SO MUCH is coming up in 2017!

Thank you for planning to join me on this wild ride and if you have any questions or comments, post them below or give me a shout. And make sure you check back here later this week for a full recap of our annual ski trip! And once my “tips and tricks for backcountry touring with kids” posts on Coalition Snow, I’ll make sure to share it with you!!

Thank you, happy new year, and let’s make 2017 all about outdoor pursuits, adventure and exploring new places!


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