Kicks for Days

Hey folks! So, I started a #GearTalkTuesday on my instagram, but this week, I decided to do a full blog post on…well, Wednesday.

Ever hear of Ridgemont Outfitters? Ya, I didn’t either until social media told me that I might like them.

This company is built on the foundational idea that we – as weekend warriars, casual adventurers, etc. – need a shoe that looks good, is made well, and can be used off and on trail. Needless to say, when I read their “About Us” section, I definitely connected with them…

See, typically, I wear activity-specific footwear. Shoes for the river (Chacos, Boggs, waders, etc.), for hiking (Oboz, Danner, Vasque), so on and so forth. Really, the only “shoe” I take from adventure to town and back are my Chacos. But, no matter how badly I want to wear them year-round, living in Colorado isn’t as condusive to such goals as other places. So, when the snow flies, I cover my toes – and the Monty Hi is a pretty great choice.

I have to send a HUGE thanks Cooper for hooking me up with the shoes. I received them back in September, but wanted to get some real use out of them before posting the final review.

Ridgemont Outfitters: A pair of brand-spankin’ new Women’s Monty Hi

So far, I have used these along creeks and rivers, hiking nearby trails (with LOTS of rocky terrain), en route to ski, at community board meetings and out to the bar and local restaurants. And here’s what I think…

Pros (what I REALLY liked about the Monty):

  • Incredibly light, but surprisingly durable! The moment I picked up the Monty, I was impressed with how light they were. Think of the cozy and inviting light weight feel of an old school pair of Saucony brand shoes but the ankle support of an acutal hiker.
  • Speaking of support, the Monty definity has it. I am a notorious ankler-roller. Seriously. I could be walking down a smooth, no-crack, sidewalk and BOOM, there it goes, my ankle is in pins and needles and I’m feeling like I’ll never walk right again. I attribute it to my inline skating days…Anway, the hi-top style of the Monty give me some piece of mind – and should do the same for you!
  • Durable, dries quickly, and work in a variety of terrain/conditions. I hiked some relatively rugged and rocky trails and the soles on the Monty have held up perfectly! They were also nice and grippy – giving me a boost of confidence on our slick trails, for sure. Also, wearing them to and from the ski resort and backcountry ski parking areas means walking through deep snow, but they handled it like a champ. Sure, the shoes got wet, but they dried pretty quickly!
  • Multi-use Ready. Hiking, fishing, a quick peddle to the brewery, lounging in the lodge or at the bar. Whatever the situation, the Monty has your back (or feet, I guess…).
  • Color 🙂 Yes, I have to comment on the color. The tri-color mix of the Monty is awesome. It hides dirt well, while still being sylish. Love it!
  • Price. For a hundred bucks, you’ll get a killer pair of kicks that don’t kill the bank account. Not too shabby.
Hiking for days!
Mountain Mama duty sometimes means walking to the lodge through shin-deep powder and hanging with the little dude until your time comes to make some turns.

Cons (things that could be better):

  • Insoles, insoles, insoles. I’m a sucker for a comfortable footbed, and though the Monty is a very comfortable shoe from the get-go, I’d highly suggest an after-market insole (I use Superfeet) for long days on your feet. In my 12 Hours of Penitence Race Director role, I was on my feet for…well, 12 hours, just about. I learned my lesson. The added support of an additional insole would have been wonderful! But, no back pain or anything. I just like having Superfeet in for longer days like that 😉


You probably know where I’m going with this one…DO IT!  Seriously, if you’re in the market for a well-rounded, won’t-break-the-bank, multi-adventure-ready pair of shoes, consider checking out the Monty (they have them in guys an gals!!). If you don’t like the high top style, check out the other models on the website. Either way, Ridgemont Outfitters is sure to deliver a quality pair of shoes at a reasonable price.


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