Gear Review: Paria Outdoor Products UL Trekking Poles

Attention: Casual Day Hikers!! Are you looking for a wallet-friendly, won’t-break-the-bank trekking pole? Consider the Paria Outdoor Products Tri-fold Alloy UL Trekking Poles!

First: BIG thanks to Paria Outdoor Products for the opportunity to check out a set of their Tri-fold Alloy UL Trekking Poles! I did a full YouTube review, but here’s the nitty gritty…

What I LOVED about them:

  • Quick set up & nice adjustability. At first glance, I was a little intimidated by the dangling sections of the pole, but I quickly read the instructions and it all made perfect sense and it took nearly half a second to grip, pull, and click. And the flick locker is easy – you flip it open, set it to the appropriate cm height (here are indicator lines so you can get spot on on both poles), and flip it back to lock it in place.
  • Grips & wrist straps: ARE AWESOME! The grips were actually the first components on the pole that caught my eye. They are comfortable in hand and I especially like that they are slightly extended, which will be great in the winter for backcountry travel (haven’t tried them in snow yet, but really looking forward to it). As for the wrist straps, I really like the way they are routed through the grip. They are easy to tighten and loosen and worked well on the trail.
  • GREAT customer service…they are quick to return emails and super helpful!


Other features I liked:

  • Two tips & extra basket: You get a rubber tip for the muddy days and for the rocky trails, pull it off and you’ve got tungsten carbide ready to go. And, I’m thinking the extra basket they come with will be great in the snow.
  • Color: The color pattern isn’t too loud but you can still find them easily in your pack (especially if you use the blue carrying case) or against a tree if you lean them up during a break.
  • Price: Great economical option for the casual day hiker (under $50)!

Things that could be better:

  • There is slight jiggle/wiggle to these poles. I emailed the rep and they said that if the problem persists to reach back out to them. So their customer service is TOPs!
  • Noisy – they are very noisy on trail. With each step, I could hear a metallic sound that I didn’t totally love.

You can see more of my gear reviews on You tube under RyScavo.


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