Gear Review: GET CAIRN!

Cell phones, car loans, utilities, the all-knowing interwebs…we shell out a lot of money for our “monthly subscriptions”, but how about one that gives back to you!? If you love the outdoors and new gear, consider:

CAIRN: “your monthly box of outdoor discovery”

I had the opportunity to check out a 3-month Cairn subscription earlier this summer and I’m excited to finally share the review!

First impression: the first box blew me away! It was full of gear from companies that I have heard of and always wanted to check out including Cotopaxi and Rumpl and it was, quite honestly, my favorite.

June 2016 Cairn Subscription Box

Box 1 breakdown:

  • Rumpl beer blanket: I am a firm believer in always having a koozie on hand. This one is packable (which means it fits in any pocket) and works great! It keeps my hand warm, my beverage cold and I always have it on hand in my fishing pack because of it’s size. Beer me, please & thanks.
  • Cotopaxi Luzon 18L Day Pack: No two packs are the same and the company is proud to make these in the Philippines and give creative freedom to their creators. Love it! I’ve used this pack on day hikes, as a diaper bag, and just stuffed with randomness and thrown in the Jeep. It’s a keeper.
  • MountainHouse Cheesecake Bites: Unfortunately, I’m lactose intollerant, so I handed these off to my husband. Fortunately, the whole pack was gone in moments. Lightweight, shelf-stable for up to 2 years, and delicious.

Box 2 & 3 breakdown:

July 2016 Cairn Subscription Box
August 2016 Cairn Subscription Box

Now, I have to admit, the second and third boxes I received did not impress me nearly as much as the initial box. BUT, I contacted Cairn and they were super responsive! Apparently, my settings/user profile needed to be updated. When I did those updates, my fourth box made up for any dissapointment I had in the previous two.

Regardless of how impressed I was with the actual items in the box (I’m not a runner, I don’t wear “finger” style toe socks, and I don’t eat crickets) I do have to say that the quality of the items incldued was top notch!

And the value? In my opinion, for every dollar you spend, you get double the worth when you open each box. At $25 bucks a month (includes shipping) for a month-by-month subscription, you get double that back in the value of the gear included in each box.

To learn more and get your own, go to the Cairn site, today!



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