a quick getaway

A few weeks ago, I booked our annual cross-country ski trip at Tomichi Lodge – a wonderfully secluded lodge nestled to our north in the Gunnison National Forest. To my surprise, James (the new owner) suggested we come check it out in the summer months and offered a chance to stay over a July weekend, and I graciously took him up on the opportunity!

Tomichi Lodge.jpgTomichi has a great history and gorgeous surroundings. Originally built as a hunting lodge, it transitioned into an all-adventure getaway at some point in the mid-80s or 90s and the new owners (James and his wife) are continuing the tradition of providing a place for kids like us to have some all-season fun!

When you turn off the main highway onto FR888, you immediately feel something different about this landscape. The creek, the lush forest, the hummingbirds and other wildlife…the list goes on. Travel about 6 miles up that forest road and it turns into a rocky (4×4 encouraged) trail until you pull into the Lodge’s driveway.

I’ll have the full winter story and our crosscountry skiing recap in a winter issue of Elevation Outdoors, but for now, here’s the summer review. Enjoy…


laundry day 2
Rolling into Tomichi Lodge
Wagon wheels and random odds and ends are scattered around – not in a “junk” way but definitely in a treasure hunt kind of way
tomichi lodge and outbuilding
View of the Grounds
cabin flags2
Blue sky days
tomichi lodge front door 2
Elevation: 10,300
cabin window view
Two cabins are also located on the Tomichi grounds – I would highly encourage a night in this one
cabin view
View of nearby peaks from the cabin
cabin trail
Trail from the cabin toward the creek and Lodge
dog friendly 2
Emma lounging
cabin moose explores
Front porch of that same cabin – it was gorgeous in side
Dinner time – the Lodge has a full kitchen, running water, and electricity
dinner is served
Dinner is served – chicken saag on rice
dog friendly 3
Best part? Tomichi is dog-friendly! Bring the pooches, but keep ’em off the furniture
exploring the grounds 2
There are hiking trails all around the Lodge – Sam and Forest took a walk while I hung out with the birds and drank a yummy beverage
hommock lounging 2
Hammock time
Forest at tomichi 2
Forest was all about the Pendleton blankets
hammock lounging
Hammock lounging with a view
Tomichi Creek fishing
Fishing Tomichi Creek, Tenkara style. 
The wildlife in the area was abundant. As I hiked along the creek, this beaver was floating underwater. It took me taking a photo for it to come out
Lantern on Tomichi Lodge porch
Forest and Sam exploring the grounds
Sam & Forest exploring the Tomichi Lodge grounds
pots and pans
Pots n’ Pans
Tomichi Creek 2
Tomichi Creek
Stoke the fire
Dog friendly
A resting Moose
morning coffee
Coffee time
The Lodge features two wood stoves – one in the living room area…
dining room stove
…and one in the kitchen
wildlife near tomichi lodge
Wildlife near Tomichi Creek
lift chair lounding 3
Best part about the front porch? It has a retired ski lift chair right next to it hanging in the nearby tree. Moose was all about it and Sam loved the view.

Our stay at Tomichi Lodge was one to remember. The area brings you to such a mellow place, it was hard to think about leaving. And the view from inside is incredible!

Some logistics and additional details to consider if you’re thiking about your own visit:

  • Their rates are incredibly reasonable – all those amenities coupled with a great backcountry feel at just $40/night per person (plus an extra $12 for the dogs/night).
  • If you’re driving up in the summer, keep in mind that after the first 6 miles on FR888, you have another 5 of really rough road. If you’ve got little ones or dogs in the vehicle (we had our Jeep), make sure they are secure.
  • Leave it better than you found it – the folks that stayed at the Lodge before we arrived didn’t clean up quite as well as one would hope (or expect)…don’t be “that guy”.
  • Need more info or want to see some more indoor shots? Send me an email or shoot James (the owner) a message – he’s a great guy and will share all the details and answer all the questions you throw at him
  • And finally, make sure you go with the cowboy hot tubs are in working order! They were out of commission (probaly for the summer) during our visit, but knowing they will be up in the winter is one of the drivers for our trip 😉



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