sand, rock, & river

I see you lost in what you create…all of time in this one single day.

This time, we created moments and memories. Or did we make memories of moments created for us?

For four days, I had the great opportunity to show my new home to old friends. I always love it when friends and family come to our place – it’s a chance for our little family to showcase our secret spots and share what makes this place so special and amazing to us in ways photographs just can’t describe.

We explored the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Zapata Falls, camped in the Rio Grande National Forest, hiked the Continental Divide Trail above Wolf Creek Pass, and caught glimpses of some charismatic mega fauna along the Middle Frisco Creek Trail. We ate dutchoven dinners and breakfasts, enjoyed our favorite local lunch and dinner spots (Windsor Hotel & 3 Barrel Brewing Company), and even found time to explore some questionable back roads in the national forest.

walking the dunes::A Friday afternoon at Great Sand Dunes National Park::

sand::Dunes for days::

sand and mountains::Mountains & dunes::

sam ry and forest at zapata::Zapata Falls::

big agnes setup::Setting up our first campsite, but promptly left after having flies descent upon us::

the view from the CDT::View from the Continental Divide Trail above Wolf Creek Pass::

san juans and paul::Through the trees::

sam and forest in camp-bw::Morning cofee-We relocated our campsite to a great spot along Beaver Ceek. No fish, but beautiful location::

view of south san juan::View into the south San Juans::

lunch stop::Lunch break along the Continental Divide Trail with 40ph winds::

Sam in the south san juan view::Rocks & pups::

becky looking across san juans::Looking west::

Summer is a magical time in and around the San Luis Valley and having the opportunity to share this place with folks that have never explored it before is even better…


2 thoughts on “sand, rock, & river”

  1. I like your wording of”questionable” back roads. I thing I’ve been on one of those. Love the black and white picture of Sam and Forest.


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