If someone took a moment to scroll through my recent posts, it’s likely obvious that I have not been actively writing during the last few months. There have been a lot of amazing conversations with that husband of mine as well as friends and family, but I just have not been inspired to sit down and write…I’m not sure why…

Tonight isn’t much different – I’m two weeks away from our due date and rather exhausted from an amazing (and much needed) day on the water.

Sam and I decided that while yesterday was spent working, today would be spent fishing on the Arkansas. I have fished these waters once before (earlier in my pregnancy) and paddled them a number of times in 2009 – but today was the first time we really spent a full day wading the Upper Bighorn Sheep Canyon. It was magical.

The day was filled with blue skies, cold water, and a few good trout (thanks to Sam).

I have had an intense itch to get on the water for about a month already (I must admit, I always have the itch to fish), but the Rio Grande was keeping me off its waters with ice shelves lining the banks. I finally walked down to the Rio on Friday afternoon, and the bug bit hard.

Later that day, I read some fishing reports from the last few weeks about the Ark blowing up, so I thought we should really take advantage of a 60+ degree day and get our gears in motion. It didn’t take too much convincing, and and after some Sunday waffles and hot coffee, we loaded up the Cherokee and headed north. You can have a glimpse at the day below.

Now, for the next two weeks, I’m not sure what I’ll do – probably fish some more, clean the house, and take each day as it comes…until, of course, our little family grows by one 🙂

I’m sure I’ll have plenty to share once that happens…


::Fishing the Arkansas in the Upper Bighorn Sheep Canyon::10
::Fish On::9
::I was outfished today, but it was completely worth it::8
::Tie one on…or two::2
::38 weeks down, 2 to go. Photo compliments of Sam::5
::Wading the Arkansas::3
::Browns for days::1
::Throwing line::4
::The path out::


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