33 week stretch

Another gorgeous day for the books…

I love slow mornings. The kind where you can lay in bed and watch the warm glow of sunrise slowly turn to harder daylight urging you from the warmth and weight of a cozy wool blanket. I slowly crawled out and found my way to the chilled kitchen…

Once the morning’s coffee was surging through us, we celebrated the day the best way we knew how: with delicious breakfast sandwiches of bacon, egg, cheese, greens, tomato & hummus. Slow food pairs well with slow mornings.

After a day of skiing and an all-day avalanche class, I think Sam was ready to slow down. And after a day of cleaning the house and another reading in the ski lodge, I was ready to start week 33 with some slow and steady activity. The middle road: cross-country skiing on a bluebird day. We planned to explore new trails outside South Fork, but to our disappointment, it turned out to be more of a skate-ski kind of site. We bailed. Our backup plan: Big Meadows.

The snow was a little sticky, but the day greeted us with the freshest air and the warmest sunshine we could have asked for…

Uphill at Big Meadows (bw)

sam on dam

view from the dam (bw)


A few miles later, we found ourselves back at the car, but wanting more…

West Fork is one of those “over the mountain and through the woods” destinations. Making our way to the west side of Wolf Creek pass, we unloaded and headed back onto the trail. Crossing the forest road bridge, we followed a groomed trail to a spontaneous left turn to into the trees. We found sticky snow underfoot, melting snow raining on us from above, and continuous smiles upon our faces – the products of a 40-degree bluebird afternoon.

madshus Sam (bw)

West Fork Trail


Loading Skis

Loading Skis 2

Load Up

Today’s slow morning transitioned to a slow night. With a cup of peppermint and raspberry leaf tea, I sit in our cozy little home with two resting pups and a fire burning. I am grateful for days like this– far too often, we neglect to embrace slow days. We may scoff at them as “wasted” and “boring”. But next time you’re presented with such a day, change the lens in which you’re view is focused and consider a new perspective; you just may be surprised.



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