probably shouldn’t

I probably shouldn’t have chased a night of pepperoni pizza, mozzarella-stuffed peppers, and butterfinger ice cream pie with an order of onion rings and a PB&J sandwich…but I took my vitamins, so that has to count for something, right?!

Monarch Mountain called to us this morning – well, my husband, anyway. On a 10-degree day with some light snow falling in the higher elevations and blowing downslope, I’d say he made the right choice. Meanwhile, the warmth of the indoors was calling to me, so I’m set up in the bar with a 180-degree view of sun-soaked slopes and a glass of water. Classic: Make the pregnant lady watch the bags, extra gear, and drink water while the handsome husband gets some turns in. I guess I’ll take it (for now).

But, I’ll admit, with this splendid Friday afternoon in full-gear, I’m thinking about tomorrow’s adventures… Sam is heading west to Wolf Creek for some avy training with the Alamosa SAR crew, and I’ll drive north into Elephant Rocks and maybe even east across the valley to Great Sand Dunes NP with my new DSLR set up in tow. I’ve had the chance to do some indoor photography with this Nikon D7200, but no outdoor shots yet. Tomorrow is the day. The images below are from last year with my mirror-less Samsung rig. I’ve been thrilled with this camera when it comes to action daytime shots, but lowlight conditions don’t fair so well. Granted, daytime is when I mostly shoot, but there’s nothing wrong with upgrading every now and again ☺

More to come…

Seeking a heelerRocksElephant Rocks PanBones


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