get out

When Mondays come around, I often start scrolling through the last week’s worth of photos, remembering the days through the images I captured along the way.

Today, I’m thinking about how January seemd to crawl by… Perhaps it was the countdown I was (and still am) keeping, or the lack of downhill ski days I have tallied. Though, crosscountry days were quite abundant. In fact, just yesterday, we decided to get out of the valley and make the drive to Old Monarch Pass Trail.

The trail winds some 20+ miles of forest road, but Sam, the pups and I only skiied a couple mile out-and-back. With a huge storm upon us, we couldn’t pass up the 18+ fresh inches of powder. So, we loaded up the pups, tried to find some gear that would fit over this ever-growing belly of mine, and headed into the hills.

Here’s what came of it:

ryan ski
::Knee-deep and grinning ear-to-ear::

sam ski_
::Moose watches nearby as Sam & Emma make some turns::

sam and emma 2
::Emma is always on the move when Sam is in action::

snowy trees
::18 inches and counting::

sam ski with dogs
::Uphill trek::

ryan and pups
::Best ski buddies we could ask for::

Sam and emma
::Gotta get up to get down::

baby bump
::This soon-to-be mountain mama is taking the Little Man wherever he wants to go – even before he busts out of the womb!::


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