power & capacity

{power: the ability to do something or act in a particular way}

{capacity: the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something; the maximum amount that something can contain}

Where does your power come from? What makes it thrive? How do you manage it, embrace it, harness and direct it?

::challenge & adversity::

I like to think that in adverse and challenging conditions, I thrive. I’m pushed harder in such circumstances than when I’m stagnant; there’s no room for complacency. No time for negative energy to build up and oppress. I feel empowered to commit myself, my actions, and my energy to overcoming whatever adverse conditions may present themselves.

But, when I overcome this adversity – or find myself on the other side of a challenging situation – I don’t see it as a “win”. I see it as growth. I seek to grow throughout this wild ride we call Life and I hope to never lose or misplace this perspective.


How do we determine our capacity? How full are we if we don’t know how full we can get? Can it change? Can it grow or diminish?

::passion & empowerment::

I believe we contain more than we know. I believe we have the ability and capacity to do, think, find, etc. great things, no matter the context – we just need to believe in ourselves. I firmly believe that an individual’s perspective – of love, pain, happiness, understanding – all change as we grow and experience life.

The first moment I realized I was in love, I thought I could never feel a stronger emotion for the man I would eventually marry and start a family with. But as each day passed (and still passes), we are changed by life. New experiences push us to grow and stretch beyond anything we could ever think was possible. At first, it can be confusing and so puzzling that an emotion felt so strongly (and thought to be understood) changes. Passion and perspective change. Definitions and meaning, though articulated one day, adjust, amend, and are altered and expressed in ways we can’t articulate until the change occurs.

I feel this is the same for pain or sadness. When loss – especially unexpected loss – hits you, your capacity and ability to endure it seems overwhelmingly daunting. Stifling. Suffocating. But I believe as you grow through that pain and process that loss, your soul finds understanding and meaning and your self finds strength.



Power and capacity are words that – in my experience, anyway – are thrown about haphazardly in daily conversation. They can be fillers and they can critical components of conversation who’s meanings are quite dependent on context. Either way, these words have meaning. And, if we take a moment to truly think about a word’s many possible meanings – both by external definition and by intrinsic meaning – we can walk away with new perspectives or even a better understanding of ourselves.



Words can lead to so many adventures…from processing personal thought to outward conversations with friends, family, colleagues, or strangers.

I try to seek adventure in life – both physical/environmental and emotional/mental.

Today I heard these two words during a meeting/webinar on environmental stressors of pika (a small high-alpine rodent found in the Colorado high country).

Thanks for letting me go on a tangent with them…


[A quick note on the photo: I snapped the photograph on the top of this post back in high school on a classic medium-format film Holga toy camera. I still have that camera and this shot is is still by far one of my favorite pictures of all time.]


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