holiday hiatus

Yes. I took a bit of a hiatus this last month without any word or warning…and it was liberating.

I snapped cellphone photos, but packed away my DSLR. I journaled and had great conversations with friends and family, but left the blog as is. I escaped on a few great excursions and savored them for the moments and places they occured, but didn’t broadcast those moments too broadly. Why? I have a few theories…

December seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. In a few weeks time, I accepted a new job, bought a new car, helped host an annual community fundraising gala (after months of planning), added new prints to my Etsy store, drove across the country (and back), welcomed month 7 of this wild pregnancy idea, celebrated the holidays and new year with friends and family, and still managed to get some great turns and cross country ski days in…I guess it was merely a hiatus from sitting down and typing/posting, not so much from life in general.

Well, needless to say – I’m back :D. And! I have a lot to share including a recap from our annual ski hut trip and some photos from XC skiing days, hikes, and other great adventures in between.

I also have some great photo/writing projects coming up – like the “SLV Portraits Project: The many faces of the San Luis Valley”, some collaboration with a local business, and another piece for the Outdoor Women’s Alliance – so stay tuned!

In the meantime, see below…







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