monday morning

It’s a brisk Monday morning in southern Colorado and I’m listening to NPR Morning Edition with the wood stove raging and the warm orange glow of the day’s sunshine coming through frosty windows.

I have been focused on house and home since our Steamboat trip and, unfortunately, have had limited time to get into the backcountry. Perhaps it is because I know that in a few short weeks, we will be taking the long drive east to see family for the holiday (and the days that follow will take every bit of energy I can muster). Or, perhaps it is from embracing the fifth month of my body’s transformation from active care-free gal to life-carrying soon-to-be mountain mama.

Whatever the reason, it is refreshing to slow down, read others words (currently, Edward Abbey’s Fire on the Mountain) and make new connections.

Since our last trip, I have made some great connections with new company reps for flyfishing and photo and writing assignments and jotted down some new trip ideas. I’m hoping to have some solid leads in the next few months…

As for today and this past long weekend, I am excited to share the photo recap. While most of our days off were spent splitting wood and further prepping for the winter months ahead, Saturday was dedicated to celebrating Sam and his 30 years of life. From cooking warm, hearty, love-infused suppers and baking experimental desserts to skiing and building a new work bench in the gear room – it was an eclectic weekend to say the least.

More words will come in the following weeks, but for now, here’s a glimpse into the sunshine and birthday celebrations. Enjoy…

Sam downhill at Wolf Creek

Ryan at Wolf Creek

Sam at Wolf Creek

Legs at Wolf Creek

Sam downhill 2 at Wolf Creek


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