snaggin’ turns

It was a slow Saturday morning – I helped myself to a cup of decaf while Sam polished off a full pot (and full caffein) of a locally roasted bold blend.

We embraced the heat of the wood stove and the warmth of our mugs while debating how to spend a blue sky weekend. After countless failed attempts to contact shop owners regarding utility trailers, I suggested a desert adventure with some fishing along our route. Sam wasn’t game and I responded to his lack of enthusiasm by snuggling up on the couch with a handsome pup and a down blanket. Around 1030, we started packing…

While I would have truly enjoyed fishing and high country desert landscapes, this past weekend marked our 1 year (and a few days) anniversary in Colorado and we decided to commemorate it with a spontaneous XC trip to Steamboat Springs. I had heard the San Juans scored over a foot of snow from the week’s storm, but my better half thought a trip north could be fun – I didn’t tell him the ‘Boat was lower on the snow accumulation ruler. Perhaps it was because I missed the views of the Yampa valley and secretly hoped the powder we would find would far surpass what would be available to our west, or maybe I just wanted him to take the lead this weekend…either way, I think it was a win on both fronts. See for yourself…

Trail BW
::A 0730 start meant we had the trail to ourselves until nearly 1100::

::Temps dipped to around 20 degrees at our campsite on Saturday, making way for feathery frost on the trail and hoarfrost on everything else::

Moose on trail
::Moose after a roll in the snow::

sunshine XCski
::By 0830, we started shedding layers to beat the heat::

ski panorama
::Gotta get up to get down::

Sam on trail

ryan with flat tops

downhill ski
::Emma skiing with Sam::

ski BW
::Slow and steady::

summit panorama
::On our last trip to West Summit we scored countless tele turns on this hill::

ski to summit 2
::Five months pregnant, wearing my husband’s bibs, and still XC and backcountry skiing::

emma on trail
::Curious pup::

ski to summit
::This is what life is all about::


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