sometimes, life takes over

The wind is howling, the sun is shining, and the sky is as blue as I have ever seen. It seems Autumn is finding its way to the San Luis Valley.

This is our first fall in Colorado – back in 2009, while living in Keystone, I left some time in mid-late August or early September (I’ve blocked the actual date out of my mind since my heart didn’t really want to leave this place). All I’ve wanted since then is to be here when the Aspens turn gold – that time has arrived. I’m finding that each day is a new experience, a new smell, a new sight, a new feeling on my skin. The combination of the sun’s warmth with the wind’s chill is soothing, yet exciting! In Pennsylvania, we called this hoody weather. We transition from sandals to boots and make our way to the local farm for hot cider and warm cider donuts – the proper way to welcome the season (none of this pumpkin spice business…).

In Colorado, there’s no muck or torrential downpours, so I’ve simply added socks to my sandals (along with my beanies and sweatshirts, of course) and finished the last of the peaches. Today, I pick up my 40 pounds of tomatoes from a friend down the road. Sauce days are upon us as well.

With changing seasons, so come changing views and changing priorities…and maybe a few other life changes – only time will tell. One change I hope for is more writing and more photography. I have been indoors (or in the backyard) a lot lately, with only occasional hikes up the local hill. This needs to change. And, just like anything in my life, I am responsible for that change. Sure, we’ve accomplished a lot – fall garden, newly painted doors, a running Willys, a new Sam-built compost bin, and a cleaned up garage – but, the season is upon us, after all! Getting outside is often a choice – we can stay inside and watch the sun pass across our kitchen and office windows, tracking east to west and giving way to star-filled nights framed by wood and glass. Or, we can get in it. Since current employment limits my weekday ability to get much more than a window seat, I have been reminding myself that two and three day weekends were made for just this reason: getting in it.

This weekend, we will load up and head for the National Forest. Though it slipped my mind last week, I thought I would strike while the iron was hot (and the though was fresh in my mind) and already picked up enough permits for two cords of wood – that, plus what the previous owner of our new home left us, should sustain us until March or April (should.). Ah, winter. The snow will fly soon and I plan to be ready for it.

Stay tuned for more weekend adventures. I promise they will be much more frequent.

::Giving a little life to our 100 year old door::

fall greens
::Fall greens in our new garden ::

::The results from a visit to our friend’s organic peach orchard in Hotchkiss::


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