why you should

Ride Penitente…

We moved to Colorado in November of last year and in that time, our lives have become increasingly more interesting with each passing day.

Take for instance our first winter in the San Luis Valley: no snow until February (or was it March?). That’s rather interesting. And then, as if “normal” finally decided to take over, we get a few weeks of gorgeous powder. Epic. And quite interesting since we had never ridden western powder before. I know I’ll never change it for anything..

Next up: Fishing. Rio Grande Cutthroats, anyone? I need not say more.

How about mountain biking? Yes, that too has become increasingly interesting for me. Why? Perhaps it’s the boulders. Or maybe the strategically placed cacti. Or the afternoon lightning storms mid-ride? Either way, I am not complaining. I’m embracing…as you can see:

Penitente Trails_Downhill Laura
::Laura on the decent::

Penitente Trails_Sam
::Sam proving skinny tires can get it done at Penitente::

Penitente Trails_Rider
::Hucking drops::

Penitente Trails (Rider-KevinSuellentrop_SouthFrokCO)
::Kevin practicing his levitation skills::

Penitente Trails_Kevin drops in
::Kevin showing us how it’s done::

Penitente Trails_Sequence 2
::A little sequence action for ya’ll::

Sangre de Cristos from Penitente
::Our backyard::


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