seek and you shall find

My heart is longing for something unknown to my mind.

It began on the Solstice.

Last year at that time, I was celebrating one of my best friends as she married her best friend among other best friends beneath a gorgeous blue sky and among a beautiful Eastern forest. But this year, I embraced a bluebird day of bluegrass in Telluride.

My mind started to roam as I watched a surreal crescent moon rise among far away planets…

Last Tuesday brought the final day of my mother’s first visit to the West – a whirlwind tour of Colorado, Arizona, Utah and a wee bit of New Mexico…

Next Tuesday brings in-laws, sharing more stories about why we love where we are, and hoping to inspire more friends and loved ones to explore with us…

I missed our crazy cattle dogs; locked up tight in a kennel back home…Home. Home?

My mind wandered, trying to define what Home is to me. I was (and am) longing for something that I cannot define. is it the road? Is it a four walled structure back in our new town? Is it something else? As more stars began bursting onto a blue-hued crisp summer night, I thought more.

I realized that in the same way my definition of Love shifts and changes as I grow, Home does the very same. Home used to be a trout stream under a stand of Eastern Hemlocks bordered by black raspberries, wine berries, and maple trees. But like all things in my life – so I am finding – Home changes. For me, now, Home is a week of bluebird days. Home is a cool summer night when a sweatshirt and shorts fits the bill perfectly. Home is a night sky so vast you lose yourself among the stars. Home is even a backcountry powder day. And sometimes, Home is undefinable – it’s a moment or a feeling that I can’t quite articulate when I experience it, but it Is.

For ten days, Home was my mom in the passenger seat and the two of us sharing the open road and big western skies.

Where do you call home?

on the wall in arches
::”Is this the desert? Yes, Mom, this is the desert”, Arches National Park, UT::

holding walls at Arches
::Exploring some red rock at Arches National Park, UT::

mom and collegiates
::Collegiate Peaks, CO::

legs and arches
::Toes on ancient sands, Arches National Park, UT::

sunset walk
::Hinman Park looking into Zirkel Wilderness, CO::

Horseshoe Bend pan 2
::Horseshoe Bend, Page, AZ::


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