lost and found

Sometimes I feel lost – – lost in an unknown whirlwind of time and to-do’s; of must happen, should happen, and could happen’s.

This is when I find myself sitting down in the driver’s seat, on the plush hand-me-down/partially inherited sofa, or on the floor of the warmly carpeted loft-ish room in our new home … lost in thought. But even more often, when thought gets the best of me, I naturally progress to images – photos of places I have experienced and explored (by choice and by necessity).

When I looked back into the vault that was 2009, the image above appeared vividly. I saw dragons and fairies. Wandering hearts, lust, loss, darkness, and the light within. I saw the captivating flame of the unknown that I wished to embrace.

Tonight, I’m seeking “found” as I am think of adventure – from six years ago to today. Alaska is fresh in my memory and I can taste the next trip on the tip of my tongue…

::Katmai National Park (March 2015)::

eight hundred feet of ash

::Katmai National Park (March 2015)::Naknek River
::Naknek River in Katmai National Park (March 2015)::

rivers and mountains
::Nearing the Valley of 10,000 Smokes in Katmai National Park (March 2015)::

::Bison Roadblock in Yellowstone National Park (October 2013)::

::Seeking Geysers at Yellowstone (October 2013)::

Fishing St Croix
::Fishing St. Croix (May 2014)::

San Juan PR
::Archway into San Juan, PR (May 2014)

PA Flowers
::Unexpected Treasure at Delaware Water Gap (2004)::

Unexpected Finds - Red Eff
::Red Eft (2004)::

Steamboat Springs
::Looking into Wilderness outside of Steamboat Springs (June 2009)::

Valley of 10000 smokes
::Valley of 10,000 Smokes at Katmai National Park, AK (March 2015)::


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