Sometimes I struggle with how to start the first sentence of a post. I have so many single words I could list…

Inspired.  Honored.  Grateful.  Challenged.  Brief.

Today, I wanted to share some of my written words from the latest installment of my job: A week in the Alaska bush. But, of course, I am just struggling a bit with how to start…perhaps a date will work?

::24 March 2015::


Morning in Alaska is not morning in Colorado.

In fact, in late March, one would think – in a warm winter such as this one – morning here was actually early evening in a late Pennsylvania fall. Though, this year is not quite like most…perhaps I should rephrase my thought process here:

In fact, in late March of 2015, one would think this morning in this place feels more like the early fall mornings in Pennsylvania. 

It is dark – sunrise eventually greets you around 8AM.

It is warm – temperatures do not chill you the way one would think this place should.

But, when I am here, I wake refreshed & rejuvenated. For being seventy-three feet above sea level, even the air is welcoming to breath.

I also wake with a desire to fish – to be within the water & among the life blood of the salmon.

::25 March 2015::

Today, I was saddened by the “waste management facility” we toured.

Travesty may be a harsh word to use…so I decided to put a filter on myself, but in my personal opinion (no reflection of any organization or agency that I may work for here…and no that’s not necessarily a disclaimer, but it is certainly getting to the fact that I have my own mind about me) it is in fact a sad place to see.

Here, the landfill is a feeding ground for iconic species: bald eagle, brown bear; national symbol, spiritual figure.

Here, what comes in, stays in…and it would seem that life (human habitation) comes at a cost to the environment.

So the question is: How do we fix it?

How do we sustain ourselves without bing a detriment to the reason we come to this place? 

How do we change a culture?

::26 March 2015::



A wild life force unto itself. A fish that can draw thousands to one place every year and a food source for the wild life that exists in this place – a resource that which sustains so many: the brown bear, the tourist & the Native.

And finally, an inspirational being (fish being that is).

How is it that this one giant of the AK waters can do so much?

For me, it inspires a return: A return to this place (fly rod in hand) – not just the state, but the greatest salmon fishery in the world.

I think I should also share a few views from ’53 Beaver (and the commercial flight)…



6 thoughts on “alaska”

  1. Awesome Ryan! Thanks!!! I’ve been to Alaska 5 times, each time for 2 weeks or longer…I really could see myself living there. It’s my favorite place…well written blog post!



  2. That was amazing. I’m completely and utterly impressed, concerned, inspired, and jealous.
    I miss you. I really wish we had a chance to spend more time together before you left. But it’s still awesome just knowing you!!


    1. Hey lady!! You always have a home in Colorado 🙂 plus, PA can’t get rid of me That easily…I will return (some day) 🙂 just hold down the fort while I’m away, ok?! 😀


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