Moving is process. It has tangible and intangible components, for sure. And for me, it’s a process not just physically – sorting belongings, packing boxes, shoving the leftover randomness into packs, shopping bags, and cars – but emotionally.

As we move into our new home, I’m sorting through a lot of thoughts, emotions, and belongings. And with it, comes the reminiscing…mostly during the summer of 2009 when this place spoke to my soul and took a never-ending hold on my heart. This place and what it offers reaches me in a way very few places can…

Enjoy a look back into why I fell in love with Colorado and why you should probably get outside this weekend.


Loveland Pass Hike-SkiLoveland Pass Hike-Ski 2Hike arcross SnowfieldScree SnowArches by carThree penguinsBig Ag LightsRabbit Ears flyfishLooking Up


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