winter is back

On Saturday, February 21, 2015, winter came back to Colorado

I know this because I had just landed at the Denver airport after a turbulent two hour flight from sunny Sacramento, California.

We may have landed at five in the afternoon, but it was nearly eight o’clock and I was just reaching Conifer – – a 4 hour drive on a good day.

I also knew that winter returned because as I traveled from snowy Denver through several questionable mountain passes and along white-knuckle winding roads until I reached the San Luis Valley, I kept trying to shake the eye-crossing vortex caused by whirling, twisting, mystifying flakes along route 285. I questioned my sanity.

Should I turn around?

Get a hotel room?

Hang tight and wait until daybreak?

The weather maps answered all my questions for me: If I didn’t continue now, the likelihood of getting home before Monday was slim.

It was Saturday.

Within the next fifteen miles, flashing lights appeared in the distance. I passed a car front-end deep in a creek.

I slowed down.

The next hundred-plus miles featured five plows, very few other vehicles, and my speedometer resting right around forty-five.

Winter was back and I felt uplifted! After the nearly seventy degree temperatures on the previous weekend’s ski hut trip, this was worth the wait.

As I drove a once semi-familiar road, I counted down the miles until home and wondered what this fresh snow would have felt like beneath my skis last weekend and how great it will feel next weekend. And tonight, as I sit home with my husband and wait for the five feet of fresh powder over the course of the next five days…

6 inches tonight

5 inches tomorrow morning

14 inches tomorrow night

16 more inches the next day

It goes on…

I embrace our fifty-plus inches on the way.

In the meantime, I’ll share our valentine’s weekend getaway: frozen skin tracks, forty-five pound packs, and pure Colorado sunshine…

aspen grove
::The skin track through the aspens lead to a steep ski-off/hike up path::

::Map check::

mount sneffels
::Mount Sneffels::

::Frozen skin track and sunny days meant hiking was the better option::

emma lounge
::Emma on a lunch break::

::Keep smiling on the tele/hike to the hut::

moose on trail
::Moose leads the way::

::Ski below the hills::

to the hut

hut view
::View of the hut::



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