Day 41

Today is the forty-first day of 2015.

It would appear that Monday began the three months of epic, nearly non-stop, events. Workshops, board meetings, meet-and-greets, skiing adventures and more…After two days on the road, my next eleven days will include two at home, three on trail in the San Juan mountains, and six in California’s Yosemite National Park. Amazing.

Tonight, as I rest after a long day of travel, the dogs lay beside me and the husband is my DJ – weaving together Jerry, the original Jack, and…is that Bobby Weir I hear? It’s nice to relax at home for an evening. To read others’ words, reminisce about last weekend, and dream of the next weekend to come.

Here are some images from this last weekend…while the pictures serve as a nice way to share this great place with all of you, the sandy gritty gravel clogging my boots out on the porch will serve as my own personal reminder.

Seeking a heeler
::Elephant-size boulders warn from the dry winds of valley::

::Emma’s treasure::

Moose & Elephants
::The overlook::

::Cacti quickly remind us that we aren’t in east anymore::

CO Pride
::When in Colorado…score epic thrifstore finds::




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