a new endeavor

S l o w S h u t t e r B l i n k i n g

I found an old site I created…If I remember correctly, the name was inspired by a song and sparked by a lyric.

I was that kid. The one in front of a glowing screen tinkering with websites, sound bytes, and the like. Don’t get me wrong, I played outside, scraped my hands, and came home with grass-stained knees more often than not, But when 3AM rolled around and I couldn’t play outside, couldn’t sleep, and really did not want to do homework, I played on my computer. Back then it was an HP. Classic, right?

I wrote words too…

welcome to my site with photos of the
light-generated variety.
an imprint on silver
a digitally formatted, human-decided
color-coded chart fixed to resemble familiar sites…
an experience from Life
a walk in the woods
an object worth seeing

these moments are a small collection of just a few of the pictures I have taken for myself, for others, and for the love of our Mother Earth.

Today, I still take pictures – mostly of the digitally-created kind – and I still write a lot of random thoughts (as you can tell). But the words I wrote so many years ago still ring true inside my today. My passion lies outside of these four walls – it is found on a trail, in the hills, on the water. It is found where the skies are open and true to no one but themselves, but welcome visitors willing to explore under any and all conditions.

With that, I should get to the point of this post’s title…

In an attempt to share some of the snapshots I have taken along life’s journey thus far, I’ve created some notecards and an Etsy shop. Check it out and consider sending a few words to a good friend on the back of one…

“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold;

they change the world into words” -w.h.g.


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