road to recovery

Rock Framework

When the frames come naturally, I like to think we should embrace them…perhaps it is time to re-frame my 2015?

The new year is off to a rocky start – one mingled with a head cold and sinus infection. But I am on the road to recovery…one unblocked ear at a time. Admittedly, slowing down is a difficult task. There are hills to climb, trails to explore, pups to run, words to write and scenes to capture – there is no time for dilly dally. Alas, dilly dally I must and I have since new years eve.

On the first day of this fresh year, I did brave the head aching elevation gain to visit some local hot springs across the valley – a drive worth taking. As I sat among strangers in a strangely refreshing atmosphere, we laughed and told stories of our lives over the last year. Gabrielle, from New Mexico, and her partner then shared resolutions for the next 365 days of their lives:

“To write more, to travel often” so on and so forth…

In posing the question to me, I almost instinctively responded: “Live deliberately and adventure often”. My soul spoke out. I couldn’t mute it or hold it back, Thoreau just poured out of my mouth in an uncontrolled, succinct blurb.

How will you frame the next eight thousand seven hundred and sixty five hours/three hundred and sixty five days/fifty-two weeks (ish) of your life?


“Live deliberately and adventure often”. (hdt)


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