E. Rocks Overlook

There are days when our bodies remind us just how human we are…days when you don’t realize how much you ache to slow down until you wake up in a fog. Today is a little foggy for me.

Yesterday, however, was quite the opposite: A snowy day on BLM land with four wild dogs and a couple of good friends. They asked what I would be doing if this visit didn’t happen..I hope I would have been standing in the very spot we were in.

This landscape speaks to a person. It pulls you in, it inspires and can leave you awestruck. It can hurt, and it can confuse. But it speaks. A thousand languages – of the wind and the sand and the yucca – it speaks.

I can’t say it or write it or express it enough: Explore. Ramble, meander, crawl, just go. Today, as the blue skies open to a mesmerizing winter sun, I think Should I embrace the unknown adventure around the next bend’? Will it still be there when the fog drifts away? I certainly hope so.



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