the hunt

Today was the day: our annual Christmas Tree Hunt.

For the past few years, Sam and I loaded up the Jeep and headed into the nearby hills to find a tree, rip it from its lovely home in the woods, drag it into our home, decorate it with random metal/wood/plastic thingys and such, and hope no squirrels came attached…

I remember the first tree we found together – it was short, mangy, and down right questionable. But, it was ours; and it was how we were going to celebrate out holiday.

For our first Christmas in Colorado, we skipped the tree – instead, just three weeks after moving out west, we loaded up the dogs and the car and drove back east to celebrate with our families. The following year, we had a new home, a baby on the way and yet another trip back east to celebrate the holiday with family. Though I can’t remember if we got a tree that year, I do remember the great ski trip with some of our best friends from PA when we got back to CO a few days before new year’s eve – but that’s another story.

Then, last year, while the in-laws watched the little one, we drove as far as we could on the same road we drove today, hiked down a slightly-too-steep hillside, and found the perfect tree for Forest’s first Christmas in our own home.

This year, we loaded up both kiddos and indulged in a sun-soaked bluebird day! While Abbey slept through the whole thing, Sam, Forest, and I drove further than I expected and found a great tree…

Now, there are a lot of legends, stories, and ideas about why those who celebrate Christmas, bring a tree into their home. But all I know, whatever the reason for this crazy tradition, I’m glad it exists. What’s better than sipping coffee and singing Christmas songs with your family as you ramble around on forest roads, hitting the breaks when you think you see the perfect tree, throwing the Jeep in reverse when you realize it’s kinda mangey, and stepping on the gas to find the patch of evergreens – and hopefully “the one”? Ya, exactly.

Tree Hunt_sm-3Tree Hunt_sm-5Tree Hunt_sm-6Tree Hunt_sm-21Tree Hunt_sm-7Tree Hunt_sm-15

Tree Hunt_sm-8Tree Hunt_sm-16Tree Hunt_sm-17Tree Hunt_sm-19Tree Hunt_sm-18Tree Hunt_sm-20Tree Hunt_sm-22Tree Hunt_sm-26Tree Hunt_sm-29Tree Hunt_sm-28Tree Hunt_sm-31Tree Hunt_sm-46Tree Hunt_sm-48Tree Hunt_sm-54



first tracks

Yesterday, I had a SUPER proud mama moment: Forest made his first real ski tracks at the local hill!

“Firsts” are big things, right? First kick, first full night of sleep, first real food, first word, first step, first…ya, the list can go on. Well, first tracks are also something we celebrate in our family.

See, I didn’t get on a snowboard until I was in middle school; and my first time on skis wasn’t until I was out of college and in my late 20s! So, the fact that my son is skiing with the big(ger) kids at the local hill AND has his own season pass before he even turns 3 is incredibly exciting! And for that, I’m pretty proud (and grateful we even have this opportunity in our lives).

Tagging in!
Photo by Steph T ❤️
Photo by Steph T
Photo by Steph T
Photo by Sam Scavo
SO Stoked!
“Check out our boots, Mom!”
100% stud.

Yesterday, I also had my own “first” – first tracks of the season!! And what a day to kick off the ski season…powder, powder everywhere, and so many turns to make!

The last turns I made at Wolf Creek were in alpine/downhill gear – worst choice…ever. I hiked the knife ridge with a friend last season while a couple months pregnant and regretted every moment of it. My shins were destroyed, my moral was busted, and my then-pregnant self was exhausted.

I have been telemark skiing for 3 years now, thanks to my husband. And, although my turns aren’t beautiful, it’s all I know when it comes to this two-plant life. But, last year, a mountain staffer convinced me that I would have a good time on alpine gear. Nope.

Anyway – Sunday’s runs were nothing short of redemption!

I’m ready for a new season, more snow, and more solo and family winter adventuring! How about you?!


There are so many reasons to be thankful for this season: a new baby girl in our lives, snow storms stacking up in the hills, big bro getting prepped for ski season, pooches stoked to run more trails in the valley, so on and so on and so on…

We are so very lucky to live in a place with SO MUCH public land to access. We ride bikes, we fish diverse waterways, we adorns tele gear to bathe in powder…and for that, I am thankful.

My family – the whole lot of us (kids, pooches and wild husband) are also lucky to have each other. With extended family over 2,000 miles away, this core unit of ours is pretty special. I’m a self-proclaimed mountain mama – y’all know that if you follow my Instagram. So when you come to this blog you see things like gear reviews and features (with wild children in the midst of photosets), LOTS of family adventures and a few solo ramblings. We don’t strive for perfection, we simply seek fulfillment and to lead healthy lives…

And today, I just want to say thanks for following along; for baring with my 6-week post-pregnancy hiatus, and for just being you.

Now, as any mama would do: I’m going to take a hot shower and prepare myself for another cluster feeding nursing session…while listening to holiday vinyl, because, well, it’s that season, too!

Tight lines, powder turns, and buttery rock drops, y’all.

Here are some of my most recent views – that I am OH so thankful for…it’s a big photo dump, but it’s been really fun!

go explore

Explore more, y’all.

It’s Friday and we’re still…waiting…

But what matters is still the fact that it’s Friday. So, as we wait, we will continue to explore. The park down the street, the creek in the hills, the wild places that call to us – and maybe maybe will arrive sooner, rather than later. Maybe.

Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-17Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-15Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-16Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-8Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-10Frisco Hike (Oct 2018)-4


If you follow me on Instagram or this here bloggy thing, you likely know I’m proud to be a (self-proclaimed) mountain mama.

Playing outside and exposing my wild child to the places I love (rivers, mountains, canyons…) makes the smiles happen – even when he’s melting down or asking for another snack or filling up another diaper or…you get the picture.

Well, this mountain mama is awaiting another wild child – this time, a baby girl. I’m 40 weeks and 1 day into this journey and the whole pack is ready for this little one to present herself to the outside world. But, until then, we wait. We wait (im)patiently

And while we wait, we keep playing.

To those soon-to-be or long-time mamas of the world: I hope you, too, keep playing and keep getting out there. It’s SO important to get out and breathe the fresh air, soak up the mid-day sun or whatever it is you love to do outside.

thank you

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity!! My personal maternity shoot, a neighbor’s wedding, a family portrait session for friends across the valley and a senior portrait session for a local student. The fun felt never- ending and I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to the clients that believe in my work and book me for their important life moments.

Thank you to my friends for taking time to share moments with me (and my family) and allow me to capture moments for them.

Thank you to the sisters, mothers, fathers, brothers, partners…the list goes on…for supporting your sons and daughters and allowing me to capture their lovely spirit and wonderful energy for their friends and fellow students to remember them years down the road.

And thank you to my patient husband and wild child as I set yet another self-timer, request yet another cheesy smile, and drag them all around the valley for yet another photo.

These moments are truly priceless ❤️

rambling across the mountains of colorado seeking adventure and inspiration…